New Businesses

When you’re starting out, you’re often doing everything Bookkeeping and cashflow is tight, Live Real Estate Accounts provides an easy, flexible bookkeeping option for new real estate agencies.

Live Real Estate Accounts will help get your accounts set up and help you to manage your account during the important first years of your business.  We’ll also help you understand your accounts, and keep you on top of things as you grow your real estate business.

Growing Businesses

We know that managing your growing real estate agency is a challenge.  Our experienced bookkeepers take the hard work out of managing your accounts so you can concentrate on building your successful business.

As you grow, your Live Real Estate Accounts bookkeeper will grow with you. You no longer have to pay an in-house bookkeeper more days than required.

Established Businesses

Established real estate agencies require genuine expertise. Live Real Estate Accounts provide real estate specialised bookkeepers that will become part of your team.

Our bookkeepers will help you gain a greater understanding of your business. They will providespecialised reporting to help you make the right decisions in your business.

Offsite Bookkeeping

With Live Real Estate Accounts, offsite doesn’t mean offshore. The use of cloud based software allows your bookkeeping to be completed by our real estate bookkeeping experts in our office. This service suits agencies that don’t have the space, capacity or desire to have a dedicated office space for the accounts team.

Note in the cloud? Never mind, we can organise your subscription and migrate your data to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud based accounting software.

Review Systems and Procedures

A review of your bookkeeping policies and procedures can increase efficiency and help you to document important company policies. Often, bookkeepers fail to document processes which leave a business vulnerable when they go on holiday or leave the business.

Live can review these processes and procedures, advise on changes and provide written documents that detail company policy on bookkeeping.

Get in touch today and find out how we can help.