LiveTrack Dashboard

LiveTrack Dashboard

LiveTrack is an interactive dashboard that helps you make sense of your financial data.   Presented in a high quality, easy to understand on-line dashboard, LiveTrack gives business owners real insight into their business.

Better decision making

Key financial numbers are combined with key non-financial drivers of revenue and profit that will, at a glance, provide insights into your entire business operations.  Key financials include; revenue, overhead breakdowns, net profit, gross profit of sales division and percentage of PM salaries vs PM revenue. Key non-financials include; total number of agents vs number of productive agents and total number of properties under management with net gain/loss for the period.

A platform for growth

When combined with a Live CFO, LiveTrack becomes and even more powerful analytical tool that doesn’t just provide feedback on past performance, but helps you create a platform to grow your business for greater revenue and profit.

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