Our Real Estate General Accounts Services

General Bookkeeping

Our real estate accounts business offers comprehensive general bookkeeping services to help you manage your financial records and keep your business running smoothly. Our experienced team of bookkeepers can manage your accounts, record transactions, and prepare financial statements to give you a clear picture of your business’s financial health.

Single Touch Payroll

Our real estate accounts business also provides SINGLE TOUCH payroll services to help streamline your payroll process. Our team will ensure that your payroll is accurate and compliant with all relevant regulations, and we’ll take care of all the necessary reporting and record-keeping.

Accounts Payable

Managing your accounts payable can be a time-consuming and complex process, but our real estate accounts business is here to help. We can take care of all your accounts payable needs, from processing invoices to making payments and reconciling your accounts.

Superannuation Clearing House

As an employer, you’re required to make regular superannuation payments on behalf of your employees. Our real estate accounts business can help you manage this process with our superannuation clearing house services. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and make sure your payments are made on time and accurately.

BAS Coding

Business Activity Statements (BAS) can be complex and confusing, but our real estate accounts business is here to help. Our BAS coding services can help you ensure that your BAS is accurate and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Credit Card Processing and Reconciliation

If your business accepts credit card payments, our real estate accounts business can help you manage the process from start to finish. We’ll handle all the credit card processing and reconciliation, ensuring that your records are accurate and up-to-date.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Reconciling your bank accounts can be a time-consuming process, but it’s essential for keeping your financial records accurate and up-to-date. Our real estate accounts business can take care of all your bank account reconciliation needs, ensuring that your records are accurate and compliant.

Chart of Accounts

Our real estate accounts business can provide a simple chart of accounts that makes it easy for you to track your business’s financial transactions. Our chart of accounts is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so you can stay on top of your finances without getting bogged down in complicated accounting jargon.

Additional Services

Software Setup/Migration

from $1,000+ GST

Xero and MYOB are both popular accounting software options that offer a range of features to help businesses manage their finances effectively. If you’re frustrated with your current accounting system or starting from scratch, we can help automate your admin and set up your Software for you. It is important to adapt the software to your specific business requirements and processes.

Our staff are Xero and MYOB Certified Advisors and Partners and maintain their expertise by keeping up with the latest product updates and feature releases.

Software Training

$150/hour + GST

Online training

Upskill your staff with the right software knowledge to ensure your business is running smoothly and accurately. We will provide training to you and your staff on the most effective way to utilise your software for business.

Our staff are Xero and MYOB Certified Advisors and Partners and maintain their expertise by keeping up with the latest product updates and feature releases.

BAS | IAS Lodgement

$250 per lodgement + GST

Preparation and lodgement of the monthly, quarterly, or annual BAS

Preparation and lodgement of the monthly IAS

Payroll Tax Annual Reconciliation and Lodgement

$150/hour + GST

Annual reconciliation of all taxable wages and any payroll tax liability payments, excluding penalty and interest, made during the financial year.

Superannuation Compliance Review

$150/hour + GST

It’s important for employers to ensure compliance with superannuation laws to avoid penalties and legal consequences. Regular compliance reviews can help identify and rectify any issues promptly, ensuring you meet your obligations under the superannuation system. This includes verifying that the required contributions have been made on time, in the correct amounts, and to the appropriate superannuation funds. The review also aims to identify any non-compliance issues or areas where improvement is needed.

STP Finalisation and Lodgement​

$150/hour + GST

Cashflow Annual Budget

from $1200 + GST

Cashflow projection for the Financial Year, what the business’ expected income and expenses would be. To create an accurate cashflow projection for the financial year requires careful estimation and monitoring, you’ll need to estimate the expected income and expenses for your business. It’s crucial to update your projections regularly and adjust them as needed to maintain a healthy cashflow in your business.

Bank Loan Cashflow Report

from $1200 + GST

When preparing a cashflow projection for a bank loan application, it’s essential to provide an accurate forecast of cash inflows and outflows over a specific period. We can help you to create a cashflow projection that is realistic, based on accurate data, and supported by sound assumptions for your bank loan application.

Balance Sheet Reconciliation Report

from $500 + GST

  • Intercompany loan account reconciliation
  • PAYG reconciliation
  • Superannuation reconciliation

Divisional Management Report

from $500 + GST

Profit & Loss reports for Sales, Property Management and Directors Divisions.

Payroll Review

$150 /hour + GST

Are you confident your organisation’s payroll and wage compliance is accurate?

A payroll systems review can help give you confidence that your organisation is paying workers correctly. A thorough payroll review can help identify any deficiencies, errors, or potential risks in the payroll process and allows for appropriate actions to be taken. It also helps ensure compliance with legal requirements, maintain employee satisfaction, and mitigate potential legal and financial liabilities.

Fixed Assets


Car purchases and finance management
Fixed Asset Register

Due Diligence Review

$150/hour + GST

Financial due diligence is a critical component of the merger and acquisition (M&A) process. It involves conducting a comprehensive examination and analysis of the financial aspects of a target company. The goal is to assess its financial health, identify potential risks and opportunities, and gather relevant information to support decision making regarding the acquisition. This information is crucial for negotiating the terms of the deal, determining the valuation, and developing an integration strategy post-acquisition.

Profit | Systems | People Review


Profit – A full business review showing your profit & loss breakdown by division. What we do is take your financials and rework them into our proven industry targeted format, which will show you the breakdown of profit and loss by Sales division and Property Management. This is then put into a Management Report pack that is easy to read and understand, on one page.

Systems – Can your staff implement your software’s full functionality and efficiency? We look at not just the software that’s in place, but who uses it and how they use it. Real Estate businesses can have several different platforms which could be Sales and Property Management Trust and CRM (which may be all different) and financial accounts.  We will highlight any issues and provide recommendations on how to rectify.

People – Staff reviews identify the role they were employed to do vs what they actually do. Are your staff performing and is their willingness to adapt and grow in line with the goals of the business owner?

All the findings from the Profit | Systems | People review are presented to the business owner in a face-to-face meeting, with a final report emailed out containing all the detailed findings.

If you want to gain these valuable insights into your business to help you build a more sustainable business of tomorrow, contact us now.

Trust Administration

$85/hour + GST

New Business – It’s true that trust management can be challenging for new businesses, and errors in this area can have compounding effects. It’s important for businesses to establish robust trust management practices from the beginning to mitigate risks and build trust with their clients. We can offer valuable support to new businesses by providing oversight, reconciliations, and month-end roll overs until the business grows and becomes more established to a point where a dedicated staff member takes over the full trust process. At this stage, we can continue to provide support for reconciliation work, month-end activities, or periodical reviews of procedures to ensure that everything remains in order.

Established Business – Performing periodic reviews of trust administration processes and procedures is indeed a good practice for mature businesses. It allows for proactive identification of areas that may need attention before the annual audit and provides an opportunity to make improvements that can enhance efficiencies. By having independent reviews from us, you can gain valuable insight and ensure that your trust administration is running smoothly.

High Performance Coaching with Michael Murray

High Performance Coach, Live Business Coaching

(Former Head of Sales, McGrath Estate Agents)

Michael has recently completed a hugely successful 7 years with McGrath Estate Agents, where he was fundamental in delivering the most successful period in their history as the Head of Sales.

Michael is now embarking on a new phase of business coaching with Chris Mercer and the Live Group, and he is excited to share what he has learnt more broadly with the real estate sector utilising the industry profit insights tool, REAP Dashboard.

During his career, Michael has worked alongside the industry’s top trainers and coaches and has personally coached some of Australia’s highest performing agents and their teams. Using his expertise and knowledge, and the inclusion of the REAP Dashboard, Michael will highlight key tactics and strategies to propel you towards your performance target.

  • Monthly face to face
  • Weekly & monthly monitoring
  • Phone support
  • No lock in contract

  • 4 hour session
  • Monthly face to face
  • Weekly & monthly monitoring
  • Phone support
  • No lock in contract

  • 8 hour session
  • Monthly face to face
  • Weekly & monthly monitoring
  • Phone support
  • No lock in contract

Book a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session with Michael now to see how you can lift your team’s performance!

Business Coaching by Chris Mercer, CA

Managing Director, Live Real Estate Accounts

Co-Founder & CEO, REAP Dashboard

$650/hour + GST

Chris started his career in a Chartered Accounting firm, and while learning his profession, he instinctively looked at how to help his clients improve their businesses through ideas and innovation, rather than just complete the returns required.

With over 20 years of experience specialising in real estate and being a leading real estate strategic accountant and financial expert, Chris has gained valuable insights and knowledge about the industry. 

Having designed a winning business model that has been adopted by hundreds of real estate businesses all over Australia is a testament to Chris’ expertise and the effectiveness of his approach. Chris understands the intricacies of the real estate market and has identified strategies that can drive success for businesses operating in the industry.

Any real estate owner who wants to make changes but isn’t sure where to start. Or maybe a principal that is looking for a fresh perspective and ideas about what direction they want to move in next.

How does it work?

In your tailored sessions with Chris, you will learn:

  • A full understanding of who you are and what your goals might be.
  • Now that you have a specific goal, Chris will show you how to achieve it. He will outline the financial, and personal costs associated with owning a business.
  • Chris will drill down the numbers and show you how your business can save money and improves productivity.
  • To identify the key decisions that you need to make to achieve a greater market share and profit growth.

Tailored One-on-One Sessions

Contact Chris now to see how you can improve your business and be the market leader!

Why Work With Us

Australia’s only real estate accounts specialists, we truly understand your business. We will save you time, money, and headaches with our expertise.

Providing strategic financial insights and financial reports that help you track your profitability and identify opportunities for growth

We offer expert financial insights and support to help you make better business decisions

With our help, you can focus on growing your business, while we take care of the financial aspects.

How We Work

Our simple, stress-free 5 step process includes

Initial strategy meeting where you will meet your team and discuss your tax, bookkeeping, or payroll requirements.

Step 1

Access granted to all relevant software.

Step 2

We ensure your books are up to date and resolve any overdue payables & lodgements.

Step 3

Next on the list, we will check all your liability accounts.

Step 4

Report back to you with any issues or potential changes that need to be addressed to ensure you maintain smooth operations.

Step 5

Free Five Point Checklist

To assess if you are in a financial position to survive the current market, click the button below.

Contact us to request a booking today!

Live Business Coaching Interview Michael Murray

Michael has recently concluded a remarkably successful seven-year tenure with McGrath Estate Agents. His pivotal role in orchestrating the most prosperous era in the company’s history stands as a testament to his contributions. In his final three years at McGrath, Michael ascended to the position of Head of Sales, overseeing the operations of McGrath’s 27 company-owned offices.

Currently, Michael is embarking on a new phase of his career, delving into high performance coaching in collaboration with Chris Mercer and the Live Group. This new chapter is part of the Live Group’s distinctive real estate profit insights tool, REAP Dashboard, focusing on harnessing exclusive industry performance data and analytics. Michael is using this tool to pinpoint avenues for revenue growth and profit preservation. Drawing from his diverse background as an agent, sales manager, and Principal, Michael brings a proven track record, which will equip you with the right tools, tactics, and strategies to propel you towards your performance targets.

Michael eagerly anticipates sharing his extensive insights with a wider audience within the real estate sector. Throughout his professional journey, Michael has closely collaborated with foremost trainers and coaches in the industry, personally mentoring some of Australia’s most accomplished agents and their team. His wealth of experience and unwavering enthusiasm converge in his upcoming endeavours. 

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